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Tenset Gems Launch Platform 

Tenset is proud to announce the “Tenset Gem Launch platform” (TGLP), a brand new company service that offers additional possibilities of expanding the influence of Tenset.

It’s a powerful tool in the hands of the company. It will generate additional profits for Tenset, which will be used for the company’s buy-back program, additional investments, and general development.

What is also essential, TGLP is creating extra utility for the 10set tokens. 

To get accepted on the Tenset Gems platform, the project’s owner needs to have at least 1000 10sets and record a video showing how those 1000 10set tokens are being burned by sending them to the address: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000.

This video has to be published on the company’s official social media channels (Twitter, Linkedin, etc.), and it will be treated as the TGLP entrance ticket.


Tenset Gem Launch platform will become a kick-starter for seed-stage and early development projects with significant potential. 

The project’s appearance on the Tenset Gem platform is likely to be the last step before listing on DEX or CEX.

The TGLP will list only the most prospective projects after the full due diligence process is completed.


Carefully selected and analyzed promising blockchain-based projects.

High possible project success through Tenset marketing activities.

Access to private & public sales of the highest quality crypto projects

Invest in the early stage with comfort 



Tenset gem platform is an incubator that offers mentoring, expertise, and financial resources to promising early-stage blockchain startups. Most importantly, however, projects are offered Tenset’s marketing power needed to fast track the progress on the path to success.


Help to raise funds from investors

Tenset mentoring and advisory for early-stage projects

Tenset core team support and involvement

Articles on the top crypto and economy websites

Verified Tenset youtube influencer network

Access to venture capital even in the early stage of the project

Help in the application process and listing on top centralized exchanges

Provides excellent user experience through Tenset core team know-how

Are you interested in the TGLP?

You need to fill out our 3-steps registration form.

The Tenset representative will contact you to follow up with additional questions.

The first powerful “gem” with tremendous growth potential is already scheduled in our pipeline and will be announced soon. We can’t wait to work with more creative teams; check out our Gem Launch Platform at:



We believe that a great project idea and execution is only half of the success; the other half is the team and their dedication.

Therefore, do not expect too many projects too often; Tenset will only work with the best!


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