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  • TSA information
    Sharing channel

    좌측 날개
    우측 날개

    A space for investors who dream of success

    The first community governance company that will change the world.
    TSA can be used by anyone through the issuance of gospel tokens and mechatron.
    Provide opportunities to participate in economic activities.

    A true governance company that we create together with holders.
    We will have everything we ever wanted with TSA,
    We will constantly push our limits.

    TSA Introduction

    • Angel Hub

      The world's first blockchain investment hub for businesses and investorsl

      A place where anyone can become an angel investor for the price of a cup of coffee.
      Our small power will create the most powerful angel for the world.

    • Trading Room & Edu

      An investment holy land for investors

      Professional traders such as stocks and cryptocurrency, and training business to foster a professional investment environment and professional investors

    • Lab & Media

      Metaverse / NFT Lab & Media Journal

      Blockchain service R&D and global metaverse & NFT project
      Media journal operation to provide stock & cryptocurrency related information

    TSA Token Distribution

    Token Info : Name *TSAG / Platform *BSC
    BSC Contract : 0xAF885BDd314799c5cA8af94034e9760557548E51


    Owning MEGATRON is a direct investment in the TSA project, and a limited quantity is issued to the TSA project or the project registered in the Angel Hub.

    The purchase of MEGATRON represents an investment in the project, thereby proving ownership of the rights in the project.

    ※ The biggest feature of MEGATRON is

    It is a limited edition NFT with a rarity that is issued only in a certain quantity according to the launch of the project.
    Therefore, a premium is generated depending on the success of the project, and the holder of the corresponding MEGATRON can resell it at a premium through the marketplace.


    Owning GOSPEL Token is an investment in the token economy of TSA, and it is like reducing the risk of direct investment and making distributed investments.

    GOSPEL is the basic currency used in the token economy of TSA, which grows with the economic development of TSA and shares profits through dividends and incineration.

    ※ The biggest feature of GOSPEL is

    GOSPEL is a Governance Token, and its holders have voting rights throughout the TSA, including the Angle HUB.
    GOSPEL voting rights will be another source of revenue through a separate process, which will be very interesting. It will be released in stages later.

    TSA Token Features

    TSA's Angel Hub's original system applies to all systems, including P2P/Angel Funding/Crowdfunding.

    This provides equal investment opportunities for everyone who wants to invest by increasing accessibility online/offline, eliminating blind spots and providing an environment where anyone can quickly and easily invest in small amounts.
    t is also very difficult for a maker (a company or individual who wants to be invested) to receive investment from an institution/VC/Angel.
    A fully prepared business plan for attracting investment does not guarantee investment attraction, and the actual financing process takes at least two to three months and costs.
    Moreover, it is difficult to meet investors, and even if negotiations to attract investment begin, the results are not guaranteed.
    Therefore, the reality is that it is difficult for most companies that want to invest to even get opportunities.
    However, TSA provides opportunities for everyone to attract investment easily and quickly through an open platform.

    Token Matrix

    Total Amount *10,000,000,000(TSAG)

    • 10% Liquidity Reserve

      Currently available for immediate use on project costs, deposits, partnerships and general TSA development.
      Our small power will create the most powerful angel for the world.

    • 10% Marketing

      It will be used for future marketing purposes, building a strong foundation for the project through strategic partnerships and collaboration with the right people.

    • 10% Company Reserve

      It is used to ensure the growth of STA and is used in the range of 25% per year.

    • 10% Team and Advisors

      MEGATRON, issued in the form of NFT for TSA development, is distributed only in limited quantities with special conditions.
      Conditions may change depending on the time of issuance.
      Unused MEGATRON can be freely resold at a premium through the market.

    • 10% NFT Sales

      Currently available for immediate use on project costs, deposits, partnerships and general TSA development.
      Our small power will create the most powerful angel for the world.

    • 50% Token Sale

      GOSPEL can be purchased through the exchange

    TSA Team & Partner

    MEXC Global
    Eunyu Law firm
    Icarus - Min Hoe Kim